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PuddleCatchers Diapers keep your baby dry.

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Q. With so many diapering systems available, what makes a PuddleCatchers cloth diaper unique?

  1. We truly believe that PuddleCatchers Diaper are the best single sized diaper available on the market today. We use cloth diapers for our babies, and we have tried the competition. Time and time again, PuddleCatchers outperform other brands in fit, comfort and absorbancy. They are the first diapers we reach for on laundry day, and I am sure they will be your preferred system too!
  2. Here are just a few reasons why your baby deserves to be clad in PuddleCatchers Diapers:
  3. single size from newborn through toilet training saves time and money - there is no need to buy size after size of diapers, one set will take you straight through the diapering years

  4. soft stretchy terry moves with your baby, allowing him a full range of motion without binding his deliciously round tummy and thighs!

  5. softly textured fabrics grab even the runniest messes and trap them inside the gently elasticized gathers - so less laundry for you!

  6. ultra-adjustable snap system combined with the stretch of baby knit terry allows for a snug and trim fit - no more bulky bums!

  7. snap-in doublers mean that you do not have to wrestle with diaper layers while diapering a squirmy monkey, added absorbancy with ease.(yes, Daddies and Grandmas find them easy too!)

  8. snap-in doubler system allows for the trimmest f fits for small babies, while allowing extra absorbancy as baby grows

  9. doubler system allows for short drying times (only 60 minutes - wow!), while accomplishing maximum absorbancy and sanitation

  10. micro-fleece traps moisture away from baby's skin reducing rashes, and helping him to stay dry and comfortable for longer - which means more sleep for you too!

  11. terry diapers double as training pants as the gentle stretch allows your toddler to learn how to pull them up and down (just snap them one snap looser than you would for regular diapering)

  12. trim cut through the legs makes it easier to walk, without reducing absorbancy (unlike other bulky popular brands which give baby that diaper waddle)

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