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Q. How can PuddleCatchers help me save money? How much money can we expect to save?

When you are deciding on how to diaper your child, you need to ask yourself "Would I willingly throw $1800.00 in a garbage dump?" If the answer is no, then read on. We are here to help!

As a family with four young children, we know how difficult it is to make ends meet. We have struggled with bills, we have lived paycheck to paycheck. We know it can be hard. We want to help other families save money. You work hard for your paycheck, so don't let corporations with jazzy advertising budgets take your hard earned cash.

The average price over the diapering years for disposable diapers and wipes is $2722.40 US, based on an average of 8 changes per day (12 or more during the newborn period, 8-10 during infancy, and 6-8 during toddler years) over a period of 2.5 years, and averaging the price of generic and brand name disposable diapers.

By choosing cloth, you will save an incredible amount of money. By choosing PuddleCatchers diapers specifically, you will save approximately $1800.00 US! (see calculations below) PuddleCatchers are by far the economical choice for growing families.

With the proper care and washing (no bleach, no fabric softener, a rotation of 24 diapers, line drying when possible), PuddleCatchers diapers may last for multiple children increasing your savings! Imagine, if you use them for 2 children, you are saving $4525! That money could go to other necessities, or towards an education fund for your child. Disposables may(although it is arguable) be convenient, but cloth diapers only take 25 minutes of your time a week.

You may say that your time is worth money...and with cloth diapers it is. With the money you are saving with PuddleCatchers cloth diapers, you are paying yourself $30.29 US/ hour to wash those diapers.(*1) When you use them for a subsequent child, you are paying yourself $38.03/hour to wash those diapers. How many household chores can you say are that profitable? Does throwing a load of diapers in your machine sound so bad when you realise you are being paid so well to do it?

(*1) calculated by a savings of $1800.00/ 25 minutes/week for 143 weeks

Diaper type What you will need TOTAL TOTAL with Laundering Costs* Total Savings over disposables
Disposable diapers 8 diapers/ day for 2.5 - 3 years= 8008 disposable diapers @ approx. 0.29/diaper = $2322.32
10 wipes/ day for 2.5 - 3 years=10010 wipes @ approx 0.04/wipe = $400.40
$2722.40 no laundering $2722.40 NONE
Fitted Diapers diapers: $240.00/24 x 3 (s,m,l) = $720.00
covers: $50.00/5 x 3 (s,m,l) = $150.00
wipes: $30.70/24 = $30.00
$900.00 $1371.90 $1350.50
AIO Pocket diapers $325.00/ 24 x 3 (s,m,l) =$975.00
24 prefolds = $25.00
24 wipes = $30.00
$1030.00 $1501.90 $1220.00
PuddleCatchers 20 terry diapers = $210.00
4 fleece diapers = $58.00
covers: $50.00/5 x 3 (s,m,l) = $150.00
wipes: $30.70/24 = $30.00
$448.00 $919.90 you save

* cost of laundering = 1.32/load (including power, wear and tear on machine, soap and water) 2.5 loads/week for approx 2.5 - 3 years =$471.90

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